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Mrauk U

Mrauk U (MyoHoung)

Much and more  of  Mrauk U turbulent history that  largely unknown to the Western world actually it is one of major heritage tour land, ancient name is called  ArakanDynasty Mrauk U City. There played a pivotal role in the exchange of cultures and religions between India and Southeast Asia. For over a thousand years the region call now  the Rakhine State of the Republic Of Union of Myanmar (Burma).

Mrauk U was the capital city of 48 kings for 355 years and was founded by King Mong Saw Mon in 1430. The city offers the visitor many chances to study the cultural and traditional heritage handed down to the present day Rakhine generation by their forefathers. Mrauk U can rightfully be claimed as the Open-air Museum of the arts and culture of the people of Rakhine. The Golden days of this city were between the 16th and 17th centuries and contemporary to the days of the Tudor Kings, the Moguls, the Ayuthaya Kings and the Ava (Inwa), Taungoo and Hanthawaddy Kings of Myanmar.