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Kanpetlet (located in Chin State)

The Kanpetlet township is famous in tourism route for trekking in Chin State . There are natural watercourses are flowing among mountain ranges running from north to south forming a number of valleys and gorges. Mount Khawnusoum (also known as Mount Victoria), 10,500 feet (3,200 m) OR Khonumthung, or Khonuamtung high is the highest peak in Chin State and the second highest peak in Myanmar.

The state has a Manipu River flows through its northern territory. Longest water fall in Chin state is Bungtla water fall it is located in Matupi. The transport sector of southern Chin State linking Yaw and Pakokku regions in Magway Division. It can be reached by car  to  Kanpetlet, Mindat and Matupi in southern Chin State from Kyaukhtu via Saw. One can also go to Kanpetlet by car from Bagan.