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Inle Lake and near destinations

Inle Lake

One of the major tour destination Inle-Lake via Nyaung Shwe is located in the Southern Shan State where to taking a flight from Yangon to Heho, and then travel by car or bus. From Shwe Nyaung, it takes 30 minutes to Nyaung Shwe. Then transit by motorized long wooden boat, from Nyaung Shwe to Inlay Lake Water Island. Inle Lake is suffering from the environmental effects of increased population and rapid growth in both agriculture and tourism.

This vast picturesque lake, 900 metres above sea-level, is one of the main tourist attractions in Myanmar. The lake, 22 km long and 10 km across, has a population of some 150,000, many of whom live on floating islands of vegetation. Inle Lake, natural and unpolluted, is famous for its scenic beauty and the unique leg-rowing of the Intha (the people from the Inle-Lake), the native lake dwellers. Inle Lake,is  natural ; unpolluted; and  famous for its scenic beauty and the unique leg rowing of the Inthars, the native lake dwellers. The lakeshore and lake islands erected 17 villages on stilts, mostly inhabited by the Intha people.


Pindaya is a small quiet town perched on the bank of the placid Botoloke Lake. The Pindaya cave, containing thousands of Buddha images, is the main destination in this region. Pindaya is a small quiet town perched on the bank of the placid Botoloke Lake. Pindaya cave is a huge cavern where hundreds and thousands of Buddha images in various size and shape are installed since the 11th century. The winding galleries and nooks and corners are ideal places of insight meditation since the olden days. Huge monastery compounds with numerous pagodas and temples in different stages of dilapidation are much respected by such ethnic groups as the Shans, Danus and Paos living in the environs of Pindaya.

Visitors can go for short or long treks around Pindaya. There are many trekking type to enjoy such as Countryside Trekking to learn local people lives and mountain view trekking to enjoy the nature and plantations.