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Ruby Land

Special Package Tour for Mogok (Ruby Land)

Day (1) Pick up at any location on request and pick up time is following.Pick up at hotel after breakfast.

Mandalay – Mogok. Overnight in Mogok.

Day (2) Mani Mingalar gem market, Pan Chan gem market, Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, Smile All gem picture workshop. Overnight.

Day (3) Tha Phan Bin Ward gem market, Kyat Pyin town, Daw Nan Kyi Hill, Kyauk Pyat That Pagoda, Pan Ma gem market, Chan Thar Gyi Pagoda. Overnight.

Day (4) Mogok – Mandalay.

Day (1)            Mandalay – Mogok

We will pick up at your hotel and leave form Mandalay. Mogok is 125 miles away from Mandalay

and takes round about 5 hours. On the way, you can have lunch at local restaurants. We will arrive to Mogok

at 2 P.M and check in the hotel. Relax at leisure.

Day (2)

After breakfast, to visit the new Mani Mingalar gem market where all kinds of rough and cut

gemstones found in Mogok are for sale in nearly 400 booths. Continue to Padamyar Pagoda built on a hill

where you can see the panoramic view of the town surrounded by hills and mountains with lush green trees.

Then proceed to a “Perfect Cutting Lapidary” to observe the skillful cutting of as small as 250 pieces per

carat (5 carats = 1 gm.).

You can have lunch at “MyitThar Restaurant” if you like Myanmar cuisine or “Up Restaurant” if you

prefer Thai or Chinese cuisine.

After lunch, enjoy visiting the main “Pan Chan” gem market at PaekSware Ward where gem buyers

sit around tables under umbrellas made of blue tarpaulin. Enjoy watching or buying gemstones by yourself

surrounded by gem brokers half leaning upon you to get a chance to show and sell their stones until you can

hardly breathe and start to perspire by the heat of the crowd.

After that, continue visiting the PhaungDawOo Pagoda where you can see the relics of

MogokSayadaw whose teachings of cause and effect are well known throughout Myanmar. Inside the

PhaungDawOo Pagoda you will be able to observe the awe-inspiring Golden Ruby Throne and Silver

Throne embedded with all kinds of valuable stones such as rubies, sapphires, peridots and spinels donated

by the townspeople since after the Second World War.

Then visit the “Smile All” gem picture workshop where you can see young girls doing art work with

colorful gemstones and gem powder. Opposite to it you can observe baroque and bead necklace as well as

pendants made with black onyx, lapis lazuli, topaz, quartz and rose quartz. Overnight at the hotel.

Day (3)

After breakfast, to visit morning gem market at ThaPhan Bin Ward. This gem market has neither the

booths nor the umbrellas and tables as the previous gem markets. Gem buyers and sellers flock on the road.

Women use small stools sitting on both sides of the road holding brass trays where small rough stones are

put in it to be sorted and checked properly before negotiating the price.

Man usually stand on the road or sit at a tea shop nearby waiting for the sellers to come and show the


After that visit a small muddy stream to see the everyday life of some of the Mogok people using

their special tools such as hoes and round sieves to look for gemstones in the stream discarded as wastes

from the gem mines.

Then drive to Kyatpyin town 14 kilometers away to have lunch at a popular noodle shop.

After lunch visit the Daw Nan Kyi Hill 1700 Meters above sea level and pagoda built in memory of

Daw Nan and listen to the sorrowful story of hers.

Then continue to visit KyaukPyat That Pagoda though the history is not known. It sits on top of a

cluster of pointed boulders 60 meters high and see the breath taking view from there of the mines and blue

ridge mountains as far as your eyes can see.

From there drive to evening Pan Ma gem market being held on Pan Ma Road between 4 to 6 P.M.

After that drive back to Mogok to see the evening view from Chan TharGyi pagoda built in the 16th


Overnight at the hotel.

Day (4)

After having breakfast, check out the hotel and leave from Mogok and back to Mandalay. We will

send you to the hotel and check in the hotel.

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