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Shan State

Shan State  is a state of Myanmar. Shan State borders China to the north, Laos to the east, and Thailand to the south, and five administrative divisions of Burma in the west. Shan State is largely rural, with only three cities of significant size: Lashio, Kengtung and the capital, Taunggyi.

Location of Shan State in Myanmar

The local people are very friendly and honest. They speak their shan language and the traditional foods are really nice. The weather of the Shan state is cold and pleasant and the whole area is covered by the green tree. The green tea leaves from the Shan state exports the whole Myanmar. You can take the beautiful pictures in the tea leaves garden.

The girls in Shan state are very beautiful and charm. Their skin is just like the snow, white and soft. Their cheeks are rosy because the weather is so cold. The Tazaungdaing Festival also known as the Festival of Lights, held on the fulllmoon day of Tazaungmon is very big and great. The local people make the fireworks being attached to a hot air balloon at the fireworks and compete which one is the best. The people throughout out the country come and enjoy the Tazaungdaing festival. It will be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.